I’ve worked from my home city of Leeds as a theatre set and costume designer for about five years. During that time I’ve worked with theatre companies based in London, Scotland and Wales, as well as with local groups and individuals based in Leeds.

My theatre design focuses particularly on storytelling and pulling audiences into the world of the show. A lot of the work relies on a close relationship with performers and creative team, aiming to make theatre spaces that performers as well as audiences can connect with. I’m also keen on fostering the arts in the North, and have been involved in several theatre-based projects in schools.

I like to mix it up a little and do some freelance graphic design work – if you like what you see feel free to get in touch, tell me about your job, and I can get back to you with a quote. I also work for the Leeds-based and rather awesome Wingfinger Graphics who specialise in wordy things, environmental things and languagey things.

And sometime, eventually, I’m hoping to get a graphic novel finished…

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